Shock Wave Therapy Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles

Here’s some of the reasons I’m such a proponent of shockwave:

Shockwave therapy initiates the cell regeneration processes. This means it enhances the
• Stimulation of microcirculation (blood, lymph) and metabolism
(nitric oxide, vasodilation, reduction of oxidative stress). These are processes you want from your immune system. Do this through foods, supplements, shockwave therapy, and lymph therapy such as LymphaTouch machines.
• Release of Nitric oxide also called NO or eNOS. I’m sure you are hearing about Nitric oxide. Insufficient nitric oxide due to genetic variations may lead to compensatory inflammatory immune responses, as well as a reduced capacity to stop viral replication. In fact, nitric oxide has been shown to inhibit the SARS virus, the coronavirus predecessor. Therefore, consider nitrate-rich vegetables like raw beets and arugula, or take clinically proven nitrate supplements.
• Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
• Release of growth factors (e.g. VEGF).
• Stimulation of stem cells, i.e. cell proliferation, transport and
differentiation (skin rejuvenation, tissue regeneration).

Other possible Indications:
• Ulcers (arterial ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers,
decubitus ulcers)
• Burns
• Scars
• Non-healing wounds
• Postsurgical wounds

Benefits of Shockwave:
• Non-invasive therapy
• Negligible side effects
• No local anesthesia required
• Outpatient treatment
• Long-lasting effects

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