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“I teach and encourage my patient to do a little movement training, a little cardio, improve their nutrition a little, and perform a little brain-train (including meditation, breathing, balance)”. 

Here is an example of a healthy aging plan I will offer a patient who presents with on-going low back pain, is a little overweight (and knows it), and is deconditioned:

  • Goal: Reduce LBP and lose 10 lbs.
  • Analyze the patient and provide treatment that includes hands-on  therapy, fascial manipulation, shock-wave therapy, ELDOA, deep muscle stimulation, etc.
  • Create in-office time to train the patient in what exercises to perform at home on their own (based upon their performance).
  • Provide a prescription for future ELDOA fitness sessions.
  • Perform body composition analysis, and recommend diet and nutrition that is leveraged to achieve weekly fat-loss goals.
  • Establish a time frame; for example, three months. The big goal is subdivided into small weekly increments.
  • Establish weekly mini-goals; if each weekly mini-goal is attained, we eventually end up at the predetermined overall goal.
  • Continually issue “report cards” via assessments to keep the patient motivated and on track.

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