Biohacking Los Angeles

1. Biohacking is using science for personal optimization. I help patients focus on body, mind, sleep, diet, stress, environment, longevity. I use technology for better health and performance.

Whatever your condition, pathology or body region, a little improvement in your movement, diet and relaxation helps achieve a variety of outcomes. I specialize in pain management, performance enhancement, healthy aging, and poor posture risk reduction.

2. I welcome a multi-disciplinary approach and sharing of information from all health fields. The ‘move better’ or ‘movement’ message is part of our office philosophy.

3. I use current research, information from lectures I go to, clinicians I meet and talk to, and top coaches. I combine evidence based practices, patient experiences, cutting edge research, and knowledge from other practitioners.

4. My line up of biohacking tools includes –
Laser, shockwave, lymphatic therapy, deep muscle stimulator, fascial tools, SCENAR, Magnet therapy (Magnawave), VR glasses, light therapy.

5. We include ELDOA movement and exercise as our movement biohack. This has had a huge positive impact on osteoarthritis, disc related pain, flexibility, and posture.

6. We offer the ketogenic fat loss program which is a well respected health plan and biohack delivered by your personal health coach.

7. The ability to check your range of motion and regain lost range of motion is healthy aging. I teach movement as a skill-set that all patients can use. I help improve motor learning.

8. Do we believe you can improve your posture? Will better posture improve your performance? Between my hands on therapy, the tools, and ELDOA the answer is yes!

The benefits of this assessment and program has stood the test of time.  Movement, diet, and spirit are at the heart of a healthy aging process and messaging.

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