Active Release Therapy – What’s better?

Better than Active Release Therapy…For many athletes, their journey continues because of some form of massage such as Active Release Therapy also known as ART. Every athlete has individual needs and goals, so their training, musculoskeletal (strength, muscle and joint flexibility), and recovery programs should be customized for them.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker evaluates each athlete, taking into consideration age, gender, sport and performance goals to help him or her get faster, stronger and stay injury free. In this day and age, it’s a service that has transitioned from luxury to necessity for many athletes.

Tucker’s sports performance programs and recovery programs include laser therapy, shockwave therapy, deep muscle stimulation, magnet therapy, looking at an individual’s lab results, flexibility, stability, eating habits, body composition and lifestyle habits. This is how we help patients reach their goals – increase speed, power, endurance, overall performance, and of course, achieve their medal dreams.

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