Dr. Jeffrey Tucker. Los Angeles Chiropractor. Posture Expert. Pain Relief Specialist.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker. Chiropractor. Posture Expert. Pain Relief Specialist. Educator. Writer. Healthy Aging Advocate.

Born in Los Angeles, Dr. Tucker attended SCHUS. Dr. Tucker provides patients with cutting-edge technology and personalized care. He is Board certified in rehabilitation and a specialist in soft tissue injury therapy. Dr. Tucker helps patients through sports injuries, posture related conditions, trauma related pain and procedures including those helping patients age their very best. Dr. Tucker is an expert in advanced movement assessments, exercise therapy, soft tissue therapy and nutritional weight loss programs.

In West Los Angeles, Dr. Tucker employs a full time master weight loss specialist. His office offers three types of lasers, including TheraLase and Lite-Force devices; he has the only practice that has three types of shockwave machines including Zimmer, Storz, and PiezoWave; the MagnaWave PEMF device for state of the art magnet therapy; Lymphatic therapy, SCENAR; ELDOA exercise programs as treatments and other soft tissue procedures like the Rapid Release and Deep Muscle Stimulator. He recently introduced patients to Virtual Reality for stress reduction.

He dedicates about one to two weekends a month travelling around the Country to teach other practitioners about the POLITE Method. Dr. Tucker is incredibly passionate about helping people solve pain issues and age management practices. With appropriate diagnostic testing, including Functional Movement Screens (FMS), body mass, and comprehensive consultations, he is able to help patients who wish to get healthy and stay healthy by creating an individual precision physical therapy program for each person.

Dr. Tucker feels that each of us are individuals with individual needs. Traditional medicine, in his opinion, is suboptimal, and he will ask you “What matter’s to you?” rather than just “What is the matter with you?”

Call 310-444-9393 if you are ready to maximize the quality of your life for your remaining years.

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