Post-surgical pain

A large part of my practice is made up of post-surgical pain patients. Chronic low grade pain seems to be common in about 1/3 of joint replacement patients and also in patients with scar tissue formation from surgical incisions. Scar tissue or fibrosis is an often overlooked cause of chronic pain and receives little attention from medical institutes.

Chiropractic and physical therapy modalities like cross-friction soft tissue release, laser treatments, and shockwave therapy are the safest interventions to change the chronic pain cycle. The goal is to restore normal motion and decrease pain with movement.

Unfortunately most doctors do not know how to address post-surgical pain without using drug therapy. Doctors lack the knowledge, hands on skills, and time to provide this intervention. If you have post-surgical pain or pain related to an epidural injection, I would like to hear your story and figure out a safe and non-invasive way out of the pain.

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