Chondromalacia patella Chiropractor Los Angeles Area

Chondromalacia patella responds very favorably to our TheraLase laser and Piezowave acoustic regenerative techniques. Laser therapy stimulates cell metabolism while the Piezowave decreases pain and inflammation. If you need treatment for patellar tendinopathy or chondromalacia patella you may be thinking about platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP). I find we get better results with these less expensive and non-invasive therapies. Patient’s pain levels decrease and activity level improves.

There is an increasing awareness and popularity of laser and shockwave therapies (PiezoWave, EnPuls) for soft tissue injuries such as ligament, muscle and tendon tears and tendinopathies. We are the only office in the Los Angeles area with two types of laser and two types of impulse devices.

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