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Suffering from Sports Injuries?

For our body to function properly we need energy. The mitochondria are the cells in the body responsible for energy supply to the cells and releasing energy for the body. Oxygen enters the body cells, and the oxygen converts into CO2 and H2O, which takes place in the mitochondria. Food we eat gets turned into nutrients and gets connected to the transference of oxygen. This results in a molecule known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This action is essential in virtually any bodily activity, from the motion of our muscles to the transfer of nutrients and waste materials in and from the cells. Furthermore, ATP is essential for the generation of electrical signals in the nervous system.


Without oxygen (and adequate nourishment) there simply would be no ATP. Without ATP we simply wouldn’t be able to move, let alone have the capacity to think. If ATP is decreased, muscles start to become sore and ache. Many people are ATP deficient from taking statin drugs, adrenal gland dysfunction, lack of sleep, breathing dysfunctions, poor nutrition, and lack of recovery from sports and work outs.


Dr. Jeffrey Tucker uses non-invasive regenerative medicine therapies for sports-related musculoskeletal injuries that are often related to oxygen and mitochondrial dysfunctions. Basic science supports the possibility of enhanced recovery from sports injuries using diet, nutrition and the application of lasers, shockwave machines and breathing strategies.

It’s clear the TheraLase Laser and PiezoWave treatment has an effect. What is not as clear is how it lessens pain but it does decrease pain. It’s possible the PiezoWave impulse is lavaging the area moving along inflammatory substances, or increasing stem cell production that decreases inflammation, or if the shock wave stimulation of stem cells release substances that affect other cells.

Some case studies have shown that the Piezo Wave or Enpuls shock wave treatments can decrease calcifications in tendons and joints, and even regenerate worn-out cartilage.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker sports injury chiropractor in Brentwood uses non-invasive shock wave therapy and laser as a safe alternative to cortisone or prolotherapy for the treatment of athletic injuries related to poor ATP production.


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