Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment

In the January 2017 edition of the American Journal of Sports Medicine, doctors at the Mayo Clinic have released a new study on the effectiveness of bone marrow derived stem cells for knee osteoarthritis in the active patient. In this prospective, single-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 25 patients with pain in both knees from osteoarthritis were randomized to receive bone marrow derived stem cells into one knee and saline placebo into the other.

In my office we use non-painful laser, EnPuls therapy, and non-invasive PiezoWave therapy instead of painful bone marrow aspiration for knee osteoarthritis. Laser, EnPuls and PiezoWave don’t use injections. Laser feels soothing and provides deep warmth into the tissues.

Laser, EnPuls and PiezoWave are safe to use and reliable alternatives to expensive stem cell injections. If you have arthritic knee pain, don’t ignore the problem or try to fight through the pain. You don’t have to live with ongoing functional limitations and pain.

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