“How do I lose fat?”



The answer is pretty simple: oxidize fat. That means lose fat via some combination of an effective diet and exercise. Stay low carb, be consistent and be disciplined. Everyone is talking about the ketogenic diet. Ketones are a byproduct of fat oxidation. Ketones are an effect, NOT a cause. My office uses a protocol, it’s a rational way to eat that’s the ultimate cause of your fat loss. Ketones are an effect of this fat loss—they are merely the evidence along the way that you’re indeed losing body fat.  Technically, any diet that produces significant and sustained fat loss is a ketogenic diet.


Our fat lose program is very hands-on, we provide weekly coaching, weight and body composition analysis, advice, products to produce ketones from dietary fat and supplements. This is the most sensible diet approach I have seen for fat loss.


By the way, when people put in the effort required to actually oxidize body fat by means of a sensible diet that accounts for energy in and out, it works! They lose fat.

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