Aging Exercise

Don’t lose your squat ability. I challenge all of my patients to perform the number of bodyweight squats that you want to live to be. If you want to live to 100 years old, build up to doing 100 squats. Build up slow but don’t lose your capacity to do it once you achieve that number. Doing proper body weight squats is a simple exercise that is good for your ankles, knees, lumbopelvic hip area, thoracic spine and neck. If you are able to do them all in a row you’ll feel that it can be a moderate amount of exercise. Squat training is often one of the first things that athletes give up as they get older because they tell me it hurts there knees. Get someone to help you improve your squat performance as you age – even with knee pain I can train most of my patients how to do squats with less pain and achieve a better level of fitness. It’s really a lack of exercise, not aging, which makes fitness deteriorate as we get older.

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