Nutrition Chiropractor – Los Angeles

Gotu kola (a green leafy food) supports the formation of healthy connective tissue (hair, nails, lining of blood vessels). Supporting microvascular circulation is at the heart of facilitating vitality and healthy aging. Supporting healthy connective tissue maintains the integrity of blood flow in the tiniest places in the body. Your liver, eye retinas, kidneys, long nerves, bones, and joints all depend on healthy circulation.
Gotu kola by Standard Process also contains ginkgo and grape seed extract. We need a healthy amount of connective tissue but not so much that it builds up – Gotu kola keeps this hardening of tissues at bay and helps maintain function of the tissues by regulating both fibroblasts, which produce connective tissue, and fibroclasts, which break down connective tissue.
Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is a nutrition chiropractor in Los Angeles. You can call his office at
310-444-9393 and have Standard Process products shipped directly to you.

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