Sports Medicine

Scar tissue (adhesions) may cause pain, weakness, and limitation in motion. Characteristics of scar formation in muscles, fascial tissue, and joints is that:

It is weaker than normal surrounding tissue

It’s less elastic than normal tissue

It’s vulnerable to re-injury

It can be a cause of chronic muscle and joint pain.

Normal tissue is meant to slide and glide over one another and when it doesn’t you might feel stiffness. Worse, all nerves (which are sensitive) were meant to slide and glide as well, and when nerves become entrapped in scar tissue it can create painful and irritating symptoms.

I am a scar tissue expert. Most doctors use hands-on manual therapy and maybe have an old ultrasound machine or some type of electrical stimulation with pads. These work OK, but if you need real therapy and have chronic issues related to scar formation you need more help. I have more tools to break up scar tissue formation than any other doctor I know of. Scar tissue removal starts with warmth to the tissues. I have two different laser machines (Theralase & LightForce) which provide deep, deep, heat; I have two shockwave machine (a Piezowave & a Zimmer) to break up difficult and deep layers of scar tissue; I have the Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) for increased blood flow; I have the Rapid Release Technology for superficial fascia restrictions; I have a state of the art Lymphatic drainage machine and multiple hand held tools called ‘instrument assisted soft tissue’ devices.

My scar tissue methods are helping people to decrease symptoms and increase range of motion. Call 310-444-9393 for an evaluation appointment.

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