New Year – New You! Program

  • 21-Day Cleanse Overview

    This dietary approach has been most helpful with patients who complain of fatigue, recurrent gastrointestinal problems (especially bloating, constipation), food intolerance or sensitivity, chemical or environmental sensitivities, chronic headache, and muscle or joint pain of unknown origin.

    The diet is dairy- and gluten-free and usually well tolerated.

    Primary Guidelines:

  • Eliminate all dairy products, including milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and frozen yogurt.  Avoid products like soy cheese, which are made with casein (a milk protein).
  • Eliminate fatty meats like beef, pork, or veal. Also avoid chicken, turkey, and fish for the first 10 days.
  • Chicken, turkey, and cold-water fish such as salmon, mackerel, and halibut are acceptable on Day 11 if you are not allergic to or intolerant of these foods.  Select from organic or free-range products whenever possible.
  • Eliminate gluten.  Avoid any foods that contain wheat, splet, kamut, oat, barley, or malt.  This is the most difficult part of the diet, but it is also the most important.  Unfortunately, gluten is in many common foods, including bread, cereal, pasta, crackers, and products containing flours made from these grains.  Products made from rice, millet, buckwheat, and gluten-free flour, or potato, tapioca, and arrowroot may be used as desired by most individuals.
  • Drink at least two quarts of water, preferably filtered, daily.
  • Avoid all alcohol-containing products, including beer, wine, liquor, and over-the-counter products that contain alcohol.  Ideally you would  avoid all caffeine-containing beverages, including coffee, caffeine-containing tea, and soda pop.  Coffee substitutes from gluten-containing grains should be avoided along with decaffeinated coffee.  Be sure to read the labels of cold remedies and herbal preparations, as they frequently contain caffeine and/or alcohol.
  • Avoid foods containing yeast or foods that promote yeast overgrowth (processed foods, refined sugars, cheese, commercially prepared condiments, peanuts, vinegar, and alcoholic beverages).
  • It is theorized that by simply eliminating the foods that are most commonly associated with Chronic Disease and by providing a high anti-oxidant rich diet one can substantially improve his or her health and quality of life.

    Day 1 through 21

    Include at least 2 shakes and servings of the products you can purchase from the office per day. My patient average weight loss is 6 lbs in 21 days. Call the office to order the products for the 21 Day cleanse.

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