Muscle cramps

A muscle cramp is a painful contraction that may make the muscle feel hard or bulging. The worst thing is when it happens lying in bed in the middle of the night. Some common triggers of cramps include:

Drinking too much alcohol.

Not drinking enough water.

Exercising heavily or having muscles that are fatigued from overuse.

Having hypothyroidism, or a thyroid gland that doesn’t produce enough of a certain hormone.

Having kidney failure.

Taking certain medications.

Being pregnant.

Consuming insufficient amounts of calcium or magnesium.

Remedies that may prevent cramping:

Drink V8 juice every day

Drink 1/4 cup of tonic water daily

Take Magnesium tablets daily

Eat a banana a day

Drink a cap full of apple cider vinegar daily

When a cramp happens in the middle of the night:

A spoonful of mustard

An ounce of pickle juice

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