How much should I weight?

The appropriate weight for each individual may vary. What I like to ask is “What is your body fat amount?” I love to help people lose body fat, not just lose weight because you could be losing precious muscle mass as your weight decreases.

I help make sure your clothes fit better but I also make sure we measure body fat content. The test I perform to measure body fat is called BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis). I have a machine that tells us how much body fat you have and how much lean muscle mass you have. It also tells me the number of calories you burn a day, as well as your water content amounts. Our first goal is a body fat of about 15-20% of total body weight in normal young men, and in young women the figure is about 25-30%.

Optimal body fat for my athletic male patients is 12-15%, or 20-22% as a female…at these ranges testosterone and estrogen hormone levels are pretty good. But at elevated body fat percentages… hormone balance becomes a VERY big problem.

Together we’ll look at the relationship between your body fat, exercise, stress, sleep, diet, and supplements. It is not enough just to say that the more you workout, the thinner you get, the better you feel. If only it were that easy…

I’ll help you identify strategies you can safely use to control weight and body fat. Come into the office for your easy to perform body composition analysis. Call 310-444-9393

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