Advances Seen in Scar Tissue

By far the most common type of musculoskeletal pain is from repetitive stress injury or little traumas on top of another little trauma, on top of another little trauma, etc. These lead to scar tissue or adhesions underneath the skin in the fascia, joints and muscles. Soft tissue therapy is the most effective treatment for these types of injury.

I have been personally taught how to use the Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) by the inventor (Dr. Jake). I am also the only Doctor in Los Angeles with a class 3B laser, a class 4 laser, and two shock wave machines, and the DMS. I have innovative treatments available for patients with musculoskeletal disease, poor posture, tendon issues, scar tissue, sports injuries and movement limitations.
More patients than ever with chronic pain, lack of movement, and poor posture are regaining all or some function related mobility. The quicker a patient can be evaluated and appropriate treatment started, the greater the chances of movement improvement and preservation.
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