21 Day Cleanse

Significantly Improve Weight Loss, Fitness, and Mobility.

Medically Proven 21 Day Cleanse With Exercise Program.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker knows how to evaluate, motivate and help patients lose weight.

“Our 21 Day Cleanse is effective, inexpensive and convenient to not only lose weight but feel more energy.”

You can do the 21 Day Cleanse independently and never have to come into the office and still sustain a high level of compliance. If you chose to come into the office over the 21 days, patients get a comprehensive body composition analysis, measuring reduced weight and body fat. At the end of the program our patients feel better and have lost weight.

Cost of the 21 Day Cleanse kit is $295. The kit includes supplements for each day of the cleanse, a comprehensive food shopping list, a Thera-Band CLX band which is the perfect tool to ‘play’ with and burn calories or you can follow our specific exercises for each of the 21 days. If you want tracking and guidance we are there for you.

Order your kit at 310-444-9393.

“I suggest a pedometer with step-tracking ability. We know that if you embrace a movement program, you’ll experience changes quicker than if you just focused on a nutritional program.”

The 21 Day Cleanse kit has recipes, supplements, an app, directions, a band and instructions on simple exercises that ‘fit in’ to a busy day.

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