Hallux Valgus/Big Toe Bunions Treatment -Shockwave works!

I feel bad that many people with this condition go right to surgery without even trying more conservative care. I have been very successful in helping people resolve this painful condition.

This is my treatment protocol:

Use hands on therapy to improve restricted motion in the big toe. Big toe lack of motion is one of the early signs that Hallus Valgus may develop. With lack of 1st ray dorsiflexion, the person will produce an abducted foot in order to roll off the inside of the toe in order to allow for hip extension during walking. Lack of dorsflexion compensation is most often related to the development of Hallux Valgus and bunion formation.

Most people have not heard of “shockwave therapy’ yet. This is the treatment modality of choice for Hallus Valgus. I have two devices in my office. It is not painful, but it does help make the joint more pliable and breaks up scar tissue.

Orthotic intervention may be useful in some patients but not all. This has to be determined by visual analysis. I use the Aline platform with laser lights to help determine if orthotics will be useful or not.

Toe separators should be considered.

Train the person how to strengthen the peroneous longus muscle and flexor digitorum longus muscles.

Discuss proper shoe wear (obvious don’t wear tight shoes).

I finish each session with proper taping of the big toe. I use the Theraband brand tape and teach every patient how to do this at home.

If you have this condition, please feel free to call the office at 310-444-9393 for a consultation and treatment.

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