Treating Pain and Improving Fitness

If  you injure your back first thing in the morning while flexing to put on socks and shoes, you will have a bad day; If you are sitting with your pelvis malpositioned while driving to work, that will irritate the low back and you will have a bad day. If you are not getting enough sleep and not eating well, you will have a bad day. And if you are repetitively using poor technique while in the gym or during training, you will have a bad day. I simply help patients become aware of activities that may be irritating their back or other areas of the body. It is up to the patient to make the proper changes once I teach them how to do so.

I spend more and more time discussing “awareness” principles with my patients, which includes ways to protect the injured area, at-home ice and/or heat instructions, diet and nutrition to decrease inflammation, parasympathetic time and sleep for restoration, ergonomics (in the car, at work and home), and the “big one” for a rehab specialist: introducing movement (exercise) as therapy and guiding the optimal loading process.

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