My Treatment Plans

It doesn’t matter if you come to my practice for pain relief, weight loss, healthy aging or something else. I want to know what they are doing to 1) build muscle; 2) get rid of excess fat around their middle; 3) strengthen bones; 4) boost lung capacity for better endurance; 5) improve their heart’s pumping ability; and 6) improve balance and speed. To achieve these goals, patients need to know I am the doctor who creates a plan. Patients seem to like to hear, “I have a plan.” If a patient is already exercising (yoga, sports, jogging, gym, etc.), I just like to make sure they are doing something for each of the six categories above. Patients who aren’t exercising need to be taught fundamentals and I invite them (and you) to be guided along. I think I have a pretty good technique sequence I like to follow. It typically goes something like this…

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