Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association 2015

The 2015 annual PCA convention will offer a 7 hour course on evidence-based approaches to functional assessments taught by Dr. Jeffrey Tucker.

Dr. Tucker is a lead instructor for the ACA Rehab Council who has taught internationally and is an expert on teaching practical approaches to the assessment of static posture, muscle imbalances, orthopedic tests and popular assessments taken from the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, FMS, NASM, PRI, and the Senior Fitness Test. Come join us as we learn how to gather baseline functional movement information and improve posture, movement, and fitness. This class will be a hands-on approach learning the application of simple and safe assessments and movement patterns that become objective measurements in the general Chiropractic examination. This approach adds relevant information regarding functional capabilities and will drive treatment decisions that decrease pain, improve mobility, stability and patient compliance.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker has received the Doctor of the Year Award from the ACA Rehab Council, is in active private practice in Los Angeles, CA, a member of The Hygenic Corp (Thera-Band & BioFreeze) Education team, and written more than 60 articles on Chiropractic care, exercise therapy and weight loss.

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