I often get asked if I can help neuropathy? The best answer is “We have to do a trial of treatment to find out”. Neuropathy is nerve damage. It’s a common side effect of diabetes. It causes numbness or painful tingling in the hands and feet. It also contributes to dementia. Most medical doctors commonly treat the symptoms of neuropathy with drugs like Opioid pain relievers, anticonvulsants, and antidepressants. But these drugs often have side effects and do nothing to address the root cause of nerve damage.One of my first important recommendations has been to do a 10 day cleanse (mostly a healthy vegetable diet with clean foods) or at least recommend ways to help manage blood sugar levels (low carb eating) and reduce inflammation  in the body. I typically recommend an alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and a Bosweillia supplement.

Research has shown that a high dose of ALA (600 mg per day) can provide a reduction in symptoms after just three weeks. I also use the warm laser, SCENAR therapy and various vibration and percussion tools on patients with neuorpathy. Proper yet simple exercises are also taught. I allow patients to weight this approach against drug therapy, and this treatment approach definitely deserves a trial.

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