Excessive sitting and my 20-20-20 tip

The detrimental effects of excessive and prolonged sitting are finally getting the attention in the press it deserves. It’s even been given a name called “sitting disease”. Excess sitting is associated with increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and early death. I have a recommendation for excessive sitting. I call it my 20-20-20 tip: Stand up every 20 minutes, walk around for at least 20 yards, look away from the computer screen at least 20 yards out (at a minimum of 20 seconds).

Even if you get regular exercise, sitting appears to counteract its effect. A recent study suggests that reducing how much we sit every day may represent a more novel, companion strategy (in addition to exercise) to help reduce our cardiovascular risk. Reducing the amount of time you sit by even an hour or two a day could have a significant and positive impact on your future cardiovascular health.


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