Tennis Elbow Pain

Patients with chronic and debilitating elbow pain find relief from my poly-modiality treatment strategy. This includes hands-on myofascial release, Laser, Rapid Release Therapy, Deep Muscle Stimulation, instrument assisted soft tissue techniques (IASTM), PhysioTouch lymph drainage and eccentric exercises.

The key exercise is simple and involves grasping a FlexBar in the injured side hand, with maximum wrist extension. The other hand grips the top of the bar and twists, all the while keeping the involved wrist in extension. Both arms are brought in front of the body, elbows fully extended. The twist in the bar is maintained by holding the non-involved wrist in full flexion and the involved wrist in full extension. The bar untwists by allowing the involved wrist to move into flexion. This movement is repeated 10-15 times, up to three times a day.

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