Coccyx Pain

Coccyx area pain can be constant and severe. This is one of the conditions that more people from far away places have contacted me for advice and treatment. It commonly results from a traumatic onset such as a fall, prolonged and repeated pressure to the area from sitting (improper position or hard surface chair), or a direct blow from a sports injury. Some Mom’s present with coccyx area pain after childbirth. During the last trimester of childbirth, the coccyx becomes more mobile, allowing for greater multidirectional movements. In my patients who have presented with a history of trauma, I have not seen many overt coccyx fractures on x-ray, but I suspect bone bruising and micro-fractures. I have seen on x-ray dislocation at the sacrococcygeal joint (usually an anterior coccyx) causing significant pain and discomfort during sitting, sitting-to-standing, and even walking.

My treatment approach has been very successful in giving patient’s the proper recommendations and the following modalities and hands-on therapy:

Warm laser to the joints and soft tissues

PhysioTouch negative pressure over the sacrolumbar region

Hands-on gentle soft-tissue and mobilization therapy

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