Laser Treatments & Pain relief

When I looked to purchase a new Laser for my practice, I really did my research. I eventually picked two Lasers. One that I could use while performing deep tissue massage. The Laser plus massage provides pain relief faster than Laser alone.  The other is called the TheraLase for very specific areas.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

 Here is what I am seeing after using the laser in my day-to-day practice…

Patients like the soothing warm feeling of the Lasers in combonation with hands on deep tissue massage.

Laser is best known for healing and anti-inflammatory effects. I am not disappointed by the results. For an acute injury, the sooner you get in for the Laser treatment the quicker the healing process. Patients like when I apply the Rock Tape after the Laser.

For long term chronic pain problems, combining the Laser, Deep Muscle Stimulator, Radial Pulse Therapy, exercise, and nutrition are getting the best results.

The Laser is especially useful for treating painful areas like the low back, knees and shoulders. In a short time patients obtain pain relief and it is solving difficult knee, shoulder, ankle and foot pain.

Typical Laser sessions can last from 5 – 15 minutes.

The current price of a laser session in my office is approximately $40. Other Doctors are charging $60-90 for Laser treatments and they are using less quality devices.

Laser treatments are safe, they last, they are effective for analgesia of painful conditions, they penetrate deeply.

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