Flat feet (Pronation) & Orthotics

A common foot dysfunction, such as overpronation or flat feet, can actually lead to dysfunctions in many other parts of the body. This is because the body is an interconnected Kinetic Chain in which the feet, knees, low back, shoulder, and upper extremity regions communicate and sometimes transfer dysfunction.

Dr. Tucker checks the feet for flat feet, overpronation and high arches. Dysfunction in the feet can lead to joint and muscle dysfunction in the knee which in turn leads to abnormal tension in the hips and low back which directly affects the shoulder region which causes shoulder, neck, and upper extremity injuries.

Dr. Tucker uses a laser guided sytem to identify the need for orthotics and has the ability to see if the orthotics you are using are the correct ones. Your current orthotics could be worn out and causing dysfunction without you even knowing. Dr. Tucker’s system to evaluate orthotics is part of his integrative assessment, which consists of:

  1. Movement assessment
  2. Range of motion measurement
  3. Soft tissue, muscle & fascia testing

This laser exam process allows for you and Dr. Tucker to correctly diagnose the need for proper orthotics for dysfunction in the feet.

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