Forward Head Posture Part 2

According to Dr. Al Sears, muscle is the first physical sign of aging, in the sense that people who age well are often well-muscled, which protects them from age-related ailments including pain and disease.

Evaluating Posture Distortions

I know that evaluating forward head posture leads to one of those “chicken and egg” questions. Is it ascending or descending; from top to bottom or bottom to top? Sometimes I know the answer and sometimes I have to guess. I just look for patterns and sequences of how all this stuff works together in my patient’s big picture. For example, have them sit on a chair or a stool; observe from the side as they sit down and stand up. Watch the head and neck area only. The normal pattern is for them to lead with the posterosuperior aspect of the head. If the SCMs and suboccipitals are dominating, they will lead with the chin. This is a faulty pattern…Read more…

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