Functional Movement Analysis (Part 6)

Do you ever feel weird when new patients come in who have been to other chiropractors and say, “Adjustments only provide temporary relief”? I’m sick of hearing it. Don’t get me wrong: I love seeing new patients, but I feel bad that this person almost gave up on chiropractic care altogether! Most chiropractors I meet are warm and caring, and they have a curious presence about them.

There’s also the business side, of course, and I’m just like you: I need new patients and I want them to stick around for the care and treatment they need. Posture analysis, movement analysis and anti-aging strategies are methods I focus on in my “rehab” practice to create long-term relationships. As we walk this pathway and journey of chiropractic – engaging the study of posture – we cross the broad terrain of static posture into functional movements. Using functional movement analysis, I see more clearly who patients are and how their individual range of flexibility and strength within a single body segment is connected to the greater whole.

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