Scapular Winging (Part 5)

have yet to meet a chiropractor who is not looking for a universally applicable step-by-step treatment approach to help patients reclaim and transform numb, tingling, tight, stiff or painful body parts so they can feel, in each moment, wholeness and well-being.

However, after 28 years in practice, I don’t think there is such a step-by-step treatment approach. I think we develop individual treatment approaches or processes depending on the chiropractor, the patient and the circumstances.

My current treatment approach includes using manipulation/mobilization, warm laser, deep muscle stimulator, fascial release, foam rolling, stretching, muscle activation, core work, and whole-body exercises (often utilizing bands andkettlebells). In the past four articles, I discussed looking more closely at static posture to see what this reveals to assist in our clinical decision process. In the last article, I presented information we can use to look at the shoulder during a static posture evaluation. Now let’s connect what we see in the winged scapula to the corrective exercise strategies we can prescribe for this dysfunction. Please keep in mind that the best exercise you select for your client is the exercise that produces carryover, meaning it improves movement capacity and movement quality, in this case of the scapula.

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