Weightloss support (CandiBactin-BR® by Metagenics)

Support grows for the traditional Chinese herb berberine’s ability to maintain healthy weight. I continue to use Berberine because it helps reduce cholesterol and blood lipid levels.

I love to help people lose weight in a safe and natural way.  CandiBactin-BR® by Metagenics provides the formula of berberine I like to use. It’s also good to support a healthy immune system and elimination functions.

  • Supports a healthy intestinal environment.*
  • Encourages the body to purge unwanted compounds.*
  • Features 400 mg per serving of berberine hydrochloride derived from berberis species, along with premium extracts of coptis and Indian barberry roots.
  • Provides a proprietary extract of Chinese herbs that includes ginger, licorice, and rhubarb to harmonize the action of other herbs within the formula.

In a recent study obese subjects were given 500 mg of berberine orally three times per day for the course of twelve weeks. The results were perhaps surprising as they demonstrated only a moderate weight loss, but supported a healthy weight by other means: “berberine treatment produced a mild weight loss (average 5lb/subject) in obese human subjects. But more interestingly, the treatment significantly reduced blood lipid levels (23% decrease of triglyceride and 12.2% decrease of cholesterol levels) in human subjects” .

Order CandiBactin-BR® by Metagenics with Berberine to help prevent fat accumulation.

Hu, Y. et al. (2012) Lipid-Lowering Effect of Berberine in Human Subjects and Rats. Phytomedicine. doi:10.1016/j.phymed.2012.05.009

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