The Paleo Diet

Many of my patient’s continue to refer to the Paleo Diet it as the “caveman diet,” but I prefer the “ancestral diet.” The Paleo diet is pretty simple: eat meat, vegetables and seasonal fruit. Avoid bread, pasta, rice, corn and refined sugar because these were foods our body was not meant to eat.


The Paleo diet is an opportunity for clients to reconnect to a more natural diet. But how do you tell a patient who has tried 10 different diets and failed at all of them that if they just try this Paleo food list and start making some lifestyle changes for 30 days, they will feel better? No one in their right mind would believe that. They hope that is true, but a much larger part of who they are definitely wouldn’t believe that this (Paleo) is going to work.

Begin by explaining what the diet actually is. Read more:

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