Reduce body weight and body fat levels

… with daily supplements of Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

In this study, twelve weeks of daily supplementation with Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) produced an average 0.7 kg decrease in body weight and an average decrease in total body fat of 0.6 kg. The results were published in the journal Nutrition.

CLA is a fatty acid naturally present in meat and dairy products. Due to changes in the Western diet, average intake of CLA has fallen; if the fat is removed from a dairy product to make a low-fat version that will be acceptable to consumers, CLA is removed along with it.

The dose is 3-4 g/d for 12 weeks. I measure body weight, body fat mass, fat percentage, and hydration levels using the Total Health System.  I recommend the Metagenics & Xymogen brand CLA.  Along with taking CLA for weight loss, I teach my clients which exercises to strat doing to improve posture, strength, and mobility. There are no adverse effects from taking CLA alone.

Nutrition Feb 2012


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