Plenty of depressed patients respond using omega-3 fatty acids. Brain cells are coated with fats. And when the fats are omega-3 fatty acids, the cells simply function better. That includes brain cell receptors that process serotonin, the hormone that regulates our sense of well being.  I recommend at least two grams per day. I recall reading one studty that suggested one gram of EPA (an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil), taken daily, significantly reduced depression symptoms in patients who had been diagnosed with “persistent depression.”

And here’s the best part: Before the study began, all the patients had been unable to control their depression symptoms with SSRI drugs such as Prozac. If depressed patients followed the EPA protocol for 3-4 months — adding at least 2,000 I.U. of vitamin D3 and a good multi-B vitamin (especially B-12) daily –they often feel improvement without any side effects compared to the drugs.

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