Chronic Back Pain

I occassionally recommend surgury for back pain but I am still wary of surgury to relieve back-pain. If you suffer from chronic back pain, before you resort to surgery, I recommend you try these natural, safe options, non-invasive treatments first:

  • Use cold compresses immediately after injury to reduce swelling.
  • Apply moist heat pads beginning several days after injury. This will relax muscles and ensure proper blood circulation.
  • Try a short period of bed rest to allow muscles to heal.
  • Learn gentle exercises to stretch and strengthen back muscles.
  • Try relaxation yoga to relieve pain and stretch the muscles and spine.
  • Lie on your back with your heels on a chair, with the hips and knees bent 90 at a degree angle.
  • Supplement with high does of fish oils.
  • Try a course of warm laser therapy and deep muscle stimulator (DMS).

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