Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance

I have a lot of clients that desire weight loss and I never give up on trying to help clients be successful in weight loss.

I have clients schedule to come in specifically to address this issue. I obtain information like current medications, weight, height, and body composition analysis (body fat, lean muscle mass, water hydration). I provide individualized options for weight loss. The current top 5 weight loss methods include: diet, exercise, behavioral modification, drugs, and surgery. I use diet, exercise, and behavioral modification as my main ingredients for any weight-loss program. I am big on teaching clients which exercises are best for them to burn off the most calories in the least amounty of time. We often start with a 30 minute walking program and move forward from there. If time is an issue then breaking exercise up into 10- to 15-minute increments, 2-3 times daily can be as effective as 30 minutes all at once. But you cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet. Each person gets a personalized diet plan.

I now offer an on-line computerized help program that allows you and I to interact for more effective weight loss. If you are interested in this very effective weight management program please call my office at 310-370-4511.

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