What to expect on your first visit

My staff will give you forms to fill out – symptom forms, health history forms, insurance forms, etc.
We meet and talk about what brought you into the office. We talk about your past history, and current goals. The most common reasons people come in to see me are for chronic pain relief, acute pain relief, sports medicine, to learn an exercise program, and weight loss startegies.
I start to perform a comprehensive postural evaluation; I’ll watch you walk; I’ll watch you perform range of motion and we will perform other assessments that will give us information about your muscles and joints. Some clients get the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) on the first session.
I might perform a Body Composition Analysis that will tell us your percentage of body fat, lean muscle mass, your water content, how many calories you burn a day along with many other important biomarkers.
I will use my skilled hands to perform the examination.
I might use the warm laser, Deep Muscle Stimulator, Scenar device, or other modalities if you are in pain.
I will most likely begin to talk to you about exercises, stretching, sleep improvement, and nutrition.
Sometimes cases are complex, each session is personal, customized and individual therefore it may take a session or two just to get through the comprehensive evaluation I perform.
Plan on being in the office about 90 minutes on that first session. Follow up sessions are half hour long.

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