Organic food vs conventionally grown foods?

A week or so ago, Stanford University sent out a press release with this headline… “Little Evidence of Health Benefits of Organic Food, Stanford Study Finds.”

I see definite benefits to organic food. Here’s what the study says…”Consumption of organic foods may reduce exposure to pesticide residues and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.” That’s HUGE!

1) The study found 30% less residue in organic products. Pesticides’ negative effects on your body are cumulative. If you get a little pesticide residue today — no problem. But a little residue every day over a lifetime adds up to a slow poisoning. So would I like to reduce my lifetime poisoning by 30%? YES! Without question!
2) Choosing organic meats reduces risk of ingesting antibiotic-resistant bacteria by one third. That’s HUGE.
3) Genetically modified organisms can be avoided by choosing organic.

Hands down – buy organic! I’m a bigger fan of UCLA & USC anyway.

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