Modern Day Paleo – use functional food

What is functional food? It is MACRONUTRIENTS (protein/carbs/fats). It is MICRO-NUTRIENTS (vitamins & minerals) that are researched, manufactured at a Pharmaceutical grade and are administered to the patient at a therapeutic level at the same time clients start the Paleo diet.
What ALL that means is:
The right type and amount of proteins/carbs/fats along with the proper supplements that your body needs to work properly.
It is “Bio-Available” which means that the Functional Food is readily absorbed and digested by your body. Your body doesn’t have to “work” to get the nutrients – it’s like “medicine” in the fact that it goes right into the system and gives the body what it needs.
When that happens – your body is finally getting what it needs to function properly -cravings go away!
You start feeling so much better and you naturally start making healthier food choices!
I use the line of Metagenics, Xymogen & Standard Process functional foods while my patients get acquinted with the Paleo diet.

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