“I don’t feel well.” If this sounds like you – read on

What’s going on: You don’t “feel like yourself.” Random bouts of insomnia, feeling run-down, depression, and irritability. Poor wound healing, frequent colds, and other signs of a weak immune system can also arise.

Misdiagnosis: Fatigue and/or stress

Real diagnosis: Vitamin deficiency

What to do about it: “Seek a complete nutrition and lifestyle assessment by a health care practitioner,” suggests Jeffrey Tucker, DC, a sports medicine doc who treats celebrities and athletes. A multi-vitamin/mineral supplement can get you started until more specific assessments are done. If not corrected, symptoms can progress to easily bruised and wrinkled skin, thinning hair, mouth sores or cracks on the mouth, and brittle nails.

Are there certain multi-vitamins you recommend for active women & men? Are some better than others and how do you know?

RDA level vitamins are not likely sufficient for the needs of the typical individual today. Recall RDA is the minimum intake to prevent classic vitamin deficiency diseases – such as scurvy, beri-beri, or similar. The Institute of Medicine has, over the years, increased the RDA for some nutrients, from vitamin C to folic acid, and most recently vitamin D. Finding vitamins with more therapeutic levels of vitamins and minerals may be more efficacious as compared to a one-a-day RDA type tablet. In addition, quality is important. Look for GMP Certification.

“…[NSF] Good Manufacturing Practices are guidelines that provide a system of processes, procedures, and documentation to assure the product produced has the identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity that it is represented to possess…Available to all manufacturers of dietary supplements…Demonstrates independent third-party verification of continuing conformance to GMPs…” \

I recommend the Wellness Essentials for Men or Women by Metagenics.

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