Atherosclerosis & Vitamin D

Atherosclerosis is still responsible for the highest number of deaths in the U.S. Approximately one million people die from the disease each year. In one article I read it said atherosclerosis is the leading killer of both men and women after the age of 46.

Atherosclerosis, a type of arteriosclerosis, is a condition in which fatty material (plaque) collects along the walls of arteries and as this fatty material thickens, and hardens it may eventually block arteries. Over time, the plaque can make the artery narrow and less flexible. In essence the artery becomes stiff.

A group of researchers now believes that vitamin D deficiency may play a role in causing the problem. In fact, they find that reduced levels of vitamin D appear to correlate with increased arterial stiffness.

I still recommend 2-3,000 IU of vitamin D 3 per day and make sure that you do some stretching. There is evidence that whole body stretching is helpful to reduce arterial stiffness.

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