In the office…

I am a chiropractor educated in ‘evidence-based’ acute care, chronic pain management, sports injuries and injury prevention. Cutting edge, patient friendly solutions and tools for restoration of musculoskeletal injuries, health and fitness, sports medicine, and long-term athletic participation, and life-long exercise are embraced. I utilize standard medical and chiropractic evaluations, functional movement assessments, skilled hands-on, modalities, body weight and sports performance training tools to improve musculoskeletal injuries and imbalances, and movement efficiency to decrease the risk of injury.

I use Deep Muscle Stimulation (DMS), warm laser, Graston like tools, fascial therapy, and other modalities. I am known for ‘figuring out’ the difficult cases, teaching patients self-care and supervised corrective exercise programs.

Most insurance companies cover my sessions.

For more information please call 310-473-2911.

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