Functional Assessments for the Chiropractor in Port Orange, FL & Davenport, Iowa 2016

Functional Movement Assessments for the Chiropractic Profession

What is accomplished in this course:

  1. Practitioners will learn how to perform an advanced assessment of patient’s static posture.
  2. Doctors will learn to confirm musculoskeletal imbalances with the most commonly used orthopedic tests and popular assessments taken from the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, FMS, Janda, McGill and others.
  3. Doctors will be able to demonstrate to the patient the need for and show improvements with Chiropractic care and/or specific corrective exercises to decrease pain, improve posture and fitness i.e. gather baseline information and learn specific flexibility and strengthening train­ing program which will enhance posture and fitness.

Posture evaluations and functional movement analysis become an objective measurement that can drive treatment decisions. Some of the most common reasons to perform movement assessment evaluations on every visit are:

  1. Functional assessments can reveal the need for specific muscle stretching.
  2. Functional assessments can reveal the need for specific muscle strengthening requirements.
  3. Functional assessments improve the patients understanding of the treatment provided, improve compliance, and guides the doctor with exercise recommendations.

You will gain skills that help to improve posture, decrease pain, improve muscle control, improve performance, provide injury prevention, increase protection and “bracing” for your back, provide a more stable center of gravity and a more stable platform for sports movements.

This course is my unique approach to sports medicine and corrective exercise therapy.

  • TO REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP IN PORT ORANGE, FL (10/22/16) or DAVENPORT, IOWA (9/24/16) call Palmer College (800) 722-2586


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