Weight loss, particularly around the belly…Reducing joint pain…

Most of us have been led to believe that lowering your blood sugar is the be-all, end-all solution to type 2 diabetes. But what if that is a mistake that misses the REAL underlying trigger of not just what causes type 2 diabetes, but all major age-related illnesses? Elevated blood sugar is just a SYMPTOM of underlying metabolic, physiologic, and biochemical processes that are out of balance.

Lowering blood sugar with medications does NOT address the underlying triggers that give rise to the high blood sugar in the first place. I work with clients to shift focus from trying to manage blood sugar with drugs, as millions unfortunately incorrectly do now, to fixing the underlying problems that CAUSE excessive levels of blood sugar.

I am very focused on weight loss, particularly around the belly…Reducing joint pain…Improved energy…More stable, enjoyable moods…Lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

I do this using the Paleo Diet and proper individualized exercise programs. Call me at 310-473-2911 for an appointment.

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