Nutrition & Weight Loss Tips

Let me just tell you what’s real…

You want coffe, drink coffee. BUT, if you have problems with gluten sensitivity, avoid coffee.

Swap out sweetened teas and sodas for no-cal drinks and you could lose up to 40 pounds in a single year!

Think about your last meal. British scientists found that people who thought about their last meal before snacking ate 30 percent fewer calories than those who didn’t stop to think. Remembering what you had for lunch might remind you of how satiating the food was, which then makes you less likely to binge on your afternoon snack.

Eat lots of protein and eat it in the beginning of your meal. Protein is the best nutrient for jumpstarting your metabolism, squashing your appetite, and helping you eat less at subsequent meals. Think Paleo diet! 

Have a goal. Tell your family and friends your goal. Having a specific goal (# of pounds to lose, fitting into your favorite pair of jeans) helps you drop pounds.

If you must eat bread, chose rye over wheat. Swedish researchers found that rye eaters were more full 8 hours after breakfast than wheat-bread eaters, thanks to rye’s high fiber content and minimal effect on blood sugar. 

Try to get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Drink an UltraMeal medical food shake  (From Metagenics) every day. These shakes provide 15 grams of protein. I have a shake every morning. They provide multivitamins and specific nutrients that help burn fat. 

Eating a handful of walnuts each day may boost your HDL (good) cholesterol, while lowering your LDL (bad) cholesterol.

If you want eggs every day you can have them.

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