Functional Movement Screen is Part of Your Treatments

Muscle imbalance is a common problem for all of my patients. Most patients don’t even realise that muscle imbalance is what got them in trouble.

Muscle imbalance can be attributed to two changes in muscle function:

  • A tightening of the muscles which provide movement e.g. hamstring
  • The weakening the muscles that control movement/joint position e.g. the gluteals are the key stabiliser muscles around the hip joint

Changes in the function of these muscles cause muscle imbalance.

Normal movement is the key!

  • The limited range of motion can affect movement and place greater stress on the joints- this can also lead to injury!
  • The tightness in the muscle may inhibit the opposing muscle group through a process called reciprocal innervation.
  • Weakening the muscles that control movement significantly affect their endurance. This means they may not be able to function for as long a period as you require.

My job is to pin point the factors affecting your pain and/or performance. I use the Functional Movement Screen and provide corrective exercise to reduce the chance of injury.

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