Very little of whatever we do today is like Paleo-man/women lived. We think we are crudely modeling  Paleo-man’s/women’s existence by eating, exercising and other habits. It is better than nothing at all. It’s about tweaking as much as you can from your own genetic makeup by synthesizing an environment for yourself that might, just maybe, fool your genes into keeping you around far longer than they give a damn about doing so (reproduction). While it’s [educated] guesswork, we have reason to believe we’re on the right track simply because of the body composition and health improvements of so many we’ve witnessed.

  1. Eat real food (meat, fowl, fish, natural fats from animals, coconuts & olives; veggies, fruits, & nuts – mac nuts, filberts, etc.) that you shop for and prepare yourself most of the time. Add a little dairy if you like it and can tolerate it. Find the range of balance that works best for you in terms of  fat, protein & carbohydrate ratios. I say ‘range’ because I think you ought to mix things up; seasonally, or whatever method works for you. Especially: cut out grains, sugar and vegetable oils. Consider supplementing with omega-3 fats.
  2. Allow yourself to go hungry every day, at least a little (first meal of the day is a good time — don’t eat until you’re truly hungry). Every once in a while, go hungry for a whole day. This is called intermittent fasting.
  3. Get plenty of sunlight; and supplement vitamin D.
  4. Run very fast sometimes, play hard when you can, and push and lift heavy things around when you have the urge. Do it briefly and intensely; not too often and not too long. Do this two to three times per week for 30 minutes. Always push yourself for that brief time. Do some other form of movement on your off intense days…take a walk, do yoga, swim, etc  
  5. Get lots of sleep. Very few clients are getting enough sleep. Fewer are having enough close sexual contact with there partner.


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