What Causes Low Back Pain?

The answer is motor control. When the interaction between the nervous system, muscles and joints are good we have good motor control. A motor control error can result in a temporary reduction in activation to one of the intersegmental muscles. This may allow rotation at just a single joint to the point at which passive or other tissues could become irritated or injured. This explains how injury might occur just by bending over to pick up a pencil or other light loads.

Any motor control error can cause a short and temporary reduction in activation to one, or more, of the intersegmental muscles. Other common causes that lead to low back disc pain include:

* Flexing the spine over & over.

* Full flexion (bending over) with the following situations makes the spine more vulnerable:

1) excessive loads
2) insufficiently warming up the spine
3) bending over early in the morning
4) after prolonged sitting

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