Sample Cardio Interval Workout

Workout #2 The following is a basic interval-training exercise. You can vary it as much as you like to make further progress.

Walk for 90 seconds, picking up pace as you go.

Run for one 30-second burst.

Walk at an even pace for another 90 seconds.

Kick it up to another 30-second run.

Walk for another 90 seconds.

Run for 30 seconds.

Walk for 90 seconds.

Run for 30 seconds. Finally, slow to a walk for two minutes… decreasing your pace gradually until you come to a stop. If you find this too challenging at first… switch your runs to fast walks. Gradually turn one fast walk per exercise into a run. And then another as you increase your fitness. Once you get used to this exercise you can continue making progress. Simply pick up the pace of the run… and the walks.

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